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Investment for the development of the DReSA portal

DReSA received investments from the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre (Pawsey) and the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

Pawsey and ARDC are funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

The Team

The idea for a training registry and calendar had been bubbling away for some time. Seen by trainers and training providers as a challenge to tackle, DReSA was born out of the need to improve the discoverability of training. The Working Group formed at the ARDC Skills Summit 2020, as a result of active participation, collaboration and a common objective. A key first step was to scan the landscape for similar solutions, with the Working Group identifying ELIXIR's TeSS platform as a likely exemplar. From there began a truly collaborative and global partnership with ELIXIR and an exchange of the infrastructure that underlies TeSS, and also ideas, support and encouragement.

Software Engineering & Project Management
  • Nick May (Contractor)

Working Group Members
Product Owners
  • Anastasios Papaioannou (Intersect Australia)
  • Ann Backhaus (Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre)
  • Kathryn Unsworth (Australian Research Data Commons - ARDC)
  • Melissa Burke (Australian BioCommons)
Core Members
  • Christina Street (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO)
  • Christopher McAvaney (Deakin University)
  • Darya Vanichkina (University of Sydney, Sydney Informatics Hub)
  • Jingbo Wang (National Computational Infrastructure - NCI)
  • Jon Symon (University of Newcastle)
  • Kay Steel (Federation University)
  • Kiowa Scott (Monash University)
  • Mark Crowe (Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation - QCIF)
  • Mortaza Rezae (Australian Space Data Analysis Facility, ASDAF)
  • Nick Hamilton (University of Queensland, QCIF)
  • Phillippa Bourke (University of Sydney)
  • Titus Tang (Monash University, Data Science and AI Platform)

Partner Organisations

Additional Guidance
  • Angus White (DCC UK)
  • Chris Child (ELIXIR TeSS)
  • Iryna Kuchma (IEFL)

The DReSA team would like to acknowledge the help of a number of groups and individuals, and thank them for useful discussions, feedback and assistance in developing the DReSA portal: