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Best Practices for Building Nextflow Pipelines


Join International Nextflow expert Chris Hakkaart from Seqera for an in-person, interactive workshop on building Nextflow pipelines.

Chris will share best practices he and Seqera have gleaned over years of working with users across domains. Chris will be joined by local Seqera engineer, Marco...

GPU to GPU Communication with MPI and Other Topics


GPUs are powerful devices, but one of their main weaknesses is the data transfer to and from the host device. A new feature appeared recently: GPU-to-GPU communications, allowing to bypass the need to send the data back through the host, with appropriate hardware support.

This workshop will...

Introduction to MPI


Are you interested in distributed memory programming? Are you ready to go beyond using a single node?

Any given node has limited resources, whether memory or compute. Being able to scale beyond a single node enables you to leverage more resources, and make use of distributed memory...

Using OpenMP with GPUs


GPUs are powerful devices, but not trivial to use. If you want to discover how to offload the execution of your code to GPUs, and leverage the parallelism available on GPUs, then this hands-on workshop is for you.

You can join in-person OR virtually. This is a free workshop. Please register...

Introduction to OpenMP for CPUs


Having multiple cores available only speeds your code when you know how to use them. If you want to discover how to enable CPU parallelism in your code, and have a familiarity with C, C++ or Fortran, then this hands-on workshop is for you.

You can join in-person OR virtually. This is a free...

Using PennyLane on Setonix


Introduction to quantum computing

Pawsey: AWS Quantum 101 Using Amazon Braket


Join us as AWS Quantum Specialists introduce quantum simulators and gate-based quantum computers, before turning to more advanced topics.

HIP Advanced Workshop


Additional topics presented about HIP, covering memory management, kernel optimisation, IO optimisation and porting CUDA to HIP.

National Transfusion Dataset Secure eResearch Platform (SeRP)/SafeHaven Training


A short training video for NTD users on how to access and use the SeRP once data access is granted.

Instructional guide to the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)


A manual on how to use the Monash University SFTP, for use by sites sharing data to the National Transfusion Dataset