Description: Mar Quiroga is a Senior Research Data Specialist at the Melbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP) in the University of Melbourne, where she collaborates with researchers across all domains to bring the benefits of data-intensive methods to their fields. She is currently leading the HASS Taskforce, an exciting initiative that aims to empower and inspire researchers in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences to embrace the potential of digital methodologies and create communities of practice and peer support. Mar is a certified Carpentries instructor and holds a BSc/MSc in Mathematics from the University of Cordoba, Argentina, and a PhD in computational and experimental neuroscience from Rutgers University, USA.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Experience: experienced

Expertise academic: Data Analysis, Data Science, Mathematical Modelling

Expertise technical: R, Git, python, Matlab, Bash, HPC, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Stata, RStudio, Qualtrics, OpenRefine, LaTeX, Scientific Data visualization, Omeka, Cloud

Activity: Aerial Silks

Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish; Castilian