Description: Kathryn is a skilled invertebrate animal taxonomist. She is employed by the National Imaging Facility as the Training and Community Engagement Manager for the Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS) Project. Currently based on campus at The University of Queensland (UQ), she worked for 15 years in the museum sector, after completing her studies at UQ. Her role with the ACCS is to help the researchers who want to use HPC through CVL. Her goal is to establish rapid independence on the platform for all users, from novice to expert, and facilitate the development of deep and expert capacity within the Australian characterisation community. Kathryn has expertise in: * invertebrate animal taxonomy * phylogenetics and morphometrics * biological characterisation using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy * DNA sequencing * phylogenetics and evolutionary biology * community engagement * training and learning

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Experience: competant

Expertise academic: FAIR data management, Animal Taxonomy and Systematics, Evolutionary Biology, Phylogenetics

Expertise technical: light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), DNA sequencing, DNA analysis

Interest: marine invertebrates, morphometrics

Language: English