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  • Getting Started with Docker

    10 May 2022

    Getting Started with Docker https://dresa.org.au/events/getting-started-with-docker Software containers have become an essential tool in every developer's tool belt. They make it easy to share, run, and scale code. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to provide your applications and services with containers by working in standardized, highly portable environments using Docker.. Sr. Developer Advocate at Docker, Shy Ruparel, will walk you through how to use Docker to create reproducible environments, regardless of where your code is deployed. He'll cover setting up Docker and Docker Desktop, running your first container, creating a basic web application with Python and Docker, managing dependencies in your projects across multiple platforms, and how to push a Docker Image to Docker Hub. During this 3 hour workshop, we’ll cover: - Intro and brief history of Docker - Getting started with Docker and Docker Desktop - Making and using containers - Taking advantage of Docker Hub to find Official Images - Persistent data with volumes - Multiple Docker containers at once with Docker Compose - Deploying containers to the cloud - Quick peek at Docker Extensions 2022-05-10 09:00:00 UTC 2022-05-10 17:00:00 UTC DockerCon None DockerCon 2022 - https://docker.events.cube365.net/dockercon/2022 [] [] workshop open_to_all Docker
  • Using Python and Docker for Data Science and Scientific Computing

    11 May 2022

    Using Python and Docker for Data Science and Scientific Computing https://dresa.org.au/events/using-python-and-docker-for-data-science-and-scientific-computing Docker has become a standard tool for developers around the world to deploy applications in a reproducible and robust manner. The existence of Docker and Docker Compose have reduced the time needed to set up new software and implement complex technology stacks for our applications. There are thousands of tutorials and getting started documents for those wanting to adopt Docker for application deployment. However, if you’re a data scientist, a researcher or someone working on scientific computing wanting to adopt Docker, the story is quite different. If you work on data science, machine learning or scientific computing, this talk is for you. We'll cover best practices when building Docker containers for data-intensive applications, from optimizing your image build to ensuring your containers are secure and efficient deployment workflows. We’ll talk about the most common problems faced while using Docker with data-intensive applications and how you can overcome most of them. Finally, I'll give you some practical and useful tips to improve your Docker workflows and practices. 2022-05-11 06:30:00 UTC 2022-05-11 07:00:00 UTC DockerCon 2022 None Speaker: Tania Allard (Co-director Quansight) https://www.linkedin.com/in/taniaallard [] [] webinarconference open_to_all pythondata scienceDocker